Who is this Emma?

Emma Watton is a strategic brand and communications planner who can work with Executives and C-Suite people to grapple with business decisions that arise from understanding and building your brand and connections with clients, consumers, stakeholders and staff. You can partner with her to grapple with your business needs in her role as Director of Strategy & Client Delivery at Block Branding, a boutique branding consultancy.

Trained as a 'suit' in advertising and communications agencies in Sydney and London before moving to Perth where she is now based (while working with clients in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth - you figure it out!), she has the ability to understand the brand implications of business decisions.


An advertising 'suit' is not the person who wears the sneakers, has a hipster beard and comes up with lovely pictures and words - although she is partial to sneakers. A strategically inclined 'suit' will bring consumer insight, an ability to engage stakeholders and facilitate necessary discussions and an ability to quickly understand a client's business needs and direct the conversation in the right way. She will ask the right questions and identify the right problem or opportunity to focus on.


Emma is much more than a brand (or even business) consultant - she is on a Board and has served on several Councils and Committees; is a keen Knowledge Worker in the MG Taylor methodology of creating solutions by design, not default; and can facilitate workshops and training for clients. She's quite nice too - you should talk to her and see for yourself. 

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