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Who is this Emma?

Emma Watton is a brand and impact strategist and a trained First Nations ally with Evolve Communities, She can work with Executives and the C-Suite to grapple with how you align your impact and business strategy to achieve positive impact. She will work with you to build your internal and external understanding of your purpose while enhancing relevance and connections with clients, consumers, stakeholders and staff. She brings a unique set of communication and planning skills to purpose building programs and change projects.

She will support you, or your organisation, to become a stronger ally, to find your own connection to Country, and to set you on the journey, or support your continued journey into being a strong ally.


Emma holds several Non-Executive Director positions in the NFP sector (Circle Green Community Legal and Town Teams Movement), is a keen Knowledge Worker in the MG Taylor methodology of co-creating solutions by design, not default; and can facilitate workshops and training for clients.


She's quite nice too - you should talk to her and see for yourself. She also has a bad habit of speaking in the third person at times. 

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