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Creating the space and defining the process to allow vision and planning to happen is critical for effective change and growth. It's not easy to grapple with these things in-house - if you're unsure if your brand is right, you need to re-align your positioning or communications or if you need to get more out of your marketing staff or agency, then we should chat to see if we can work together. Pop your info in the form below, or connect with me on LinkedIn and we can talk soon.


First, we can sense check we have the business problem defined correctly. It's not uncommon to jump to marketing solutions without correctly identifying the problem. I will help you plan to have the right stakeholders engaged to consider the issues, manage a review of the way you present your brand and see if it's aligned with the needs and mindset of those handing over money to you, talk with your clients, business partners and referral network and look at your business processes to ensure they are aligned to deliver on your brand promise. How this woud roll out within your organisation is something we would discuss together and plan.


Whether you need strategic planning support as a board, mentoring for you as a CEO, or for your brand or marketing team, or if you want a brand consultant to lead the development or re alignment of your brand, then we should talk. I can help you with that grapple. It's not easy to do on your own. And, if I'm not the right one to help you, I know people (and I'm happy to make introductions). I am not a company, The Grapple is my digital flyer, if you like. I am a self-employed independent consultant working directly with clients, or through other consultancies or agencies in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. A branding expert without a brand. It hurts my head, but keeps me nimble.


I am based in Perth, but work regularly in Sydney and Melbourne and happy to work in any of these cities for short-term or ongoing projects.

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